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The disciplines listed are currently anticipated for the Mid-America Xtreme Adventure Race. Please keep in mind that this list is subject to change based on course conditions, weather, and other factors. Teams are expected to be reasonably proficient in each of these disciplines. However saftey checks will be performed at any technical ropes section, and assistance is provided if necessary.


Running or trekking will be required during the event. Racers will be directed by trail markers, written and verbal instructions.

Land Navigation

Each team will receive topographical maps, and UTM grid coordinates for the Land Navigation section of the course. Teams must be capable of plotting UTM grid coordinates. Navigation will be through remote areas, so the ability to read a compass, follow a bearing, read a topographical map, and follow the terrain will be critical to team success. Teams may use a compass, protractor, and altimeter for navigation. GPS Units are strictly forbidden.

Mountain Biking

The race will feature mountain biking on single track trails, some gravel/dirt roads and some scenic country roads. Competitors must use a mountain bike for all biking sections of this course. Racers must follow the specified route unless otherwise directed by a race official.

River Tubing

This section will be on a river with some class I rapids. Tubes will be provided for teams, however if you prefer to bring your own tube you may do so.

Rappel/Ropes (Optional)

The race includes a pre-set fixed rope section. Each team member must provide his/her own climbing harness, 2 locking carabiners, gloves, and ATC or a figure eight. Experienced climbing personnel will be stationed at the rope sections. The climbing personnel are only to offer assistance only in case of emergency. There will not be time for instruction, so please have a complete understanding of your equipment

For teams without ropes experience, you may bypass the ropes. We will have a non-technical alternative available at this point in the race.


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